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El audio es en español.

Welcome to my first podcast! This episode explains the definitions of:

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Official Translator
  • Professional Translator

I wanted to talk (write) about the differences between Translation and Interpretation because as a Professional Translator, who wrote her thesis about Interpretation, I believe in our country (Costa Rica) there is not enough information. If you want you can listen to the audio which is in Spanish.

The easiest way to distinguish one from the other is like this: translation is only written while the Interpreter works with spoken word. This means that if you have a written text you will need a Translator but if the activity involves people talking then you need an Interpreter.

Now, there is also a difference between Professional Translators and Official Translators (or Interpreters), to be an “Official Translator” in Costa Rica there is a test done by the Government, if you get a good grade then you become “Official”. Having a Translation Degree is not one of the requirements, but if your translation has to be “official” then you need an Official Translator. Professional Translators are those who went to the university to get their education, a degree in Translation, because some of us do not have the natural talent and we wanted to learn the techniques and proper ways to work with language.

I do want to continue this conversation so there is more to come, if you have specific questions please send them using the contact option here or through social media. Until the next time!

Stay tuned for more!


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